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The new identity created as an integral component from the Show s 3 year strategic improvement strategy has been produced to reinforce
and reflect the Show s position and stature because the top international trade occasion for your luxury goods business. It's made to
embody and symbolise the numerous initiatives and modifications which have been introduced in the Show more than the final couple of
years. ladies watches rolex breitling retailers In specific the corporate identity has been produced to reflect the Show s most ambitious new idea of 1 Show Two Places using
the opening from the new state from the art exhibition halls for your Nation Exhibitors in Zurich.
The new brand logo that is extremely visible all through the cities of Basel and Zurich for your duration from the Show has been made
to reflect the core philosophy and traits from the Show and to serve as a symbol of high quality and prestige for all these related
using the occasion iced out watches . It shows a stylised luminous dial in white gold symbolising the brilliance or sparkle of a gemstone on a dark blue
background using the legend BASELWORLD The watch and Jewellery Show 2003 choose out in matt and shiny white gold.
The BASELWORLD brand identity was produced by Geneva based brand architecture specialists Brandstorm (thebrandstorm). The business
established in 2002 worked closely using the Show s management group and committees to generate the new brand identity and its total
3d manifestation. Brandstorm and 6 other inventive agencies had been asked to prepare suggestions for your new corporate identity
using the aim of discovering a clear long-term brand structure that might determine and differentiate the Show from its competitors.
"The introduction of our new brand identity at this year s Show is an thrilling step and represents the final stage of our strategic
improvement strategy " stated Monica Guarnaccia Director of Advertising and Communications of BASELWORLD. "This is really a long-term
answer for our brand character and is made to reflect the Show s positioning around the luxury goods business s globe stage and act as
high quality hallmark for our numerous exhibitors and guests all of whom will advantage from association using the symbol. To get a
quantity of years the Show s original logo has been partially redesigned but we concluded that to be able to determine and highlight
the numerous developments and improvements which have been place in location in the Show more than the final couple of years we
required to go back towards the drawing board and produce some thing new that might reflect these. We think that BASELWORLD embodies
and brings to life all of the components that now make up the sector s premier showcase event".
Raphael Henry founder of Brandstorm is obviously delighted that the studio s total rebranding campaign has been chosen and
implemented. "Brandstorm has lengthy been involved on the planet of luxury goods and we think that the new identity and its brand
character reflect the essence of what the Show is all about BASELWORLD is an international label of high quality and prestige".
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