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Carried out within the final quarter of 2010 and according to an Web panel of two, 000 respondents aged a minimum of 18 belonging to
higher socio-professional categories (the leading 40% from the French population when it comes to earnings), a survey from the French
Institute of Public Opinion (IFOP) offers fascinating insight in to the watch purchasing behaviour from the French. Overall, the typical
quantity of Replica watches owned is two. five. Whilst 10% from the panel don't personal a watch along with a third have only 1, 59% stated that
they personal a minimum of two, patek philippe replica paypal with 11% even getting over 5 Replica watches.
Degree of earnings and gender only marginally impact this rate of ownership. Nevertheless, there's a extremely clear hyperlink to age,
using the quantity of Replica watches growing because the age of respondents goes up: 74% of these aged 65 and older have a minimum of two
Replica watches, in comparison to 48% of 18 to 34 year olds and 54% of 35 to 49 year olds. The typical age of Replica watches owned is five. 1 years, with
23% over ten years old, 20% in between 5 and ten years old, and 22% much less than two years old. Replica watches purchased by customers for
their very own use account for 45% from the total, with 55% of respondents stating that they received their watch as a gift. Price
distribution -estimated for presents -is as follows: much less than one hundred euros, 40%; from one hundred to 300 euros, 32%; and much
more than 300 euros, 16%. two. 2% fall in to the 1, 000 to two, 000 euro bracket, with 1. 4% priced in between two, 000 and four, 000 euros and
1. 0% in excess of four, 000 euros. 12% of these questioned had been unaware of just how much their watch price. Secondhand Replica watches account
for only 4% of purchases, with 96% becoming received or purchased new.
When it comes to buying criteria, the watch's common visual look came out on leading.
In terms of buying criteria, the watch's common visual look came out on leading (42% of respondents produced this their initial option,
69% either initial, second or third), followed by cost (14% because the primary criterion but 63% cumulatively initial, second or third).
These aesthetic values and cost had been cited primarily by ladies and young individuals. Technical characteristics take a back seat and
are much more the domain of male respondents. mondaine watch The kind of motion was a criterion amongst 20% of these questioned (ranked either initial omega replica watches paypal ,
second or third). The criteria of legibility and simplicity of use improve in significance using the age of respondents, whilst
water-resistance was probably the most essential criterion for 2% of these questioned, albeit 12% cumulatively (1st /2nd/3rd
criteria). Important image traits in the time of buy are a lot much more fragmented: two elements stand out nevertheless, 1 focused on
length of time, the other on style, creativity and renewal. Brand worth follows in fourth location only, an assessment that the IFOP
suggests ought to be certified with cost levels. Whilst differences exist in between ladies and males, within the final evaluation age is
decisive. The nation of origin from the watch is down in tenth location (2% of first-placed answers and 7% either initial, second or
third), ahead of reliability of after-sales service (1% and 5%) and also the ecological style from the item (1% and 4%).
In the survey carried out in January 1998 from the IFOP (sample of two, 138 individuals from the whole spectrum of households and
consequently various towards the 2010 base) the choice criteria to get a watch (over 1 answer feasible) broke down as follows: 70. 1% for
your cost from the watch, cited ahead of aesthetic criteria (visual look, style) with 62. 6%; these figures are close towards the 2010
outcomes; 52. 9 % for your high quality from the watch and 48. 9% for its solidity and robustness; 36. two % for how simple it's to inform
the time, a percentage practically identical to 2010; 24. eight % for your simplicity of utilization of the watch. However in 1998 the
origin from the watch accounted for 14 . 3% of responses: the rise in energy of brands more than the previous twenty years no doubt
explains the decline in 2010 (7%). (Chambre fran├žaise de l'horlogerie et des microtechniques)
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